Innovation & Swimming – be Coached

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your coach available 24X7, swimming next to you, providing instantaneous feedback and correcting your strokes? How cool would that be!

A group of innovators in France conceived the idea and developed a ‘personal coach’ called Swimbot.  Swimbot is a small device that has all the necessary sensors and microprocessor to help the swimmer improve their swimming by providing constant feedback during swimming via a set of bone conduction earphones.  All the components including lithium battery is compactly packed inside the device which can be tucked in behind the head under the swim cap. Very elegantly designed!

swimbot-swimcapswimbot-console(Photo Source –

Even before the swimmer gets into the water, she can put the ‘personal coach’ to work. Swimbot, which can be connected to smart phones using Bluetooth, comes with a set of tutorials on various techniques. A wide range of these tutorials is also available on YouTube – these tutorials are highly recommended. Very impressive content!

Before diving into the water, the swimmer can choose a training program on the touchscreen console of the device. These training programs focus on streamlining, propelling and breathing techniques. Once she starts swimming, a wide range of sensors housed in the device kick into action. These sensors continuously measure all the relevant parameters, determine any deviation from ideal, and instantaneously convey the feedback via a set of earphones; the swimmer can instantly adjust her strokes and make necessary corrections. Let us get real, she would not get this kind of instantaneous feedback from a real coach. Would she?

As she continues to swim, all the measures, including the performance measures, are stored in Swimbot that can be synched up with a smart phone for later analysis. The stored data is very valuable for the swimmer and her actual coach to synch up and jointly perform the analysis.

If popularized and delivers on its promises, Swimbot could be a game-changer.

Want to listen to music while swimming? Swimbot comes with an MP3 player too. Or, want to swim at a certain tempo? Swimbot can help with that too.

I can’t wait to hear what other swim enthusiasts think of this cutting edge device.

– Meghna Sil


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