World Water Day – March 22

Fire, Air and Water – 3 essential elements that sustain life on earth.

We, in the most part of the US, take water for granted.  We open the faucet – we get the clean water; we go to the pool – we get to swim in safe water; we go to the grocery store – we get to bring home fish and fresh produce; and so and so forth. How many times do we think about all ‘behind the scene’ individuals who make this happen? According to an UNESCO report, an estimated 3/4 th of the jobs worldwide are either heavily or moderately dependent on water.  Half of the world’s workers, 1.5 billion people, are employed in eight water and natural-resource dependent industries.  These workers range from a utility worker in New York city to a mother bringing carrying water for her family in a remote village in Africa.  For those who are not working in water-related sector, they still would need water for coffee to keep going and water for air-conditioner to stay cool.  You get my point.

Water not only sustains life, but also drives economy and shapes society.

World Water Day is one of UN-Water’s campaigns that aims to inform, engage and inspire action, and it dates back to March 22, 1993 when first World Water Day was celebrated.  UN-Water sets a theme for each year based on current or future challenges. This year’s (2016) theme is Better Water, Better Jobs: World Water Day 2016.

It is very easy to recognize the power of water and water-related sector jobs in transforming people’s life and impacting society and economy.  Yet, millions of those workers are unrecognized and unprotected.  Subtle changes in quantity and quality of water can change these workers’ lives and livelihoods.  Let’s all join hands to recognize all those workers and spread awareness on the importance of clean water and a safe environment.

Happy World Water Day 2016!

world water day 2016

-Meghna Sil


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