Innovation & Swimming – a Coach’s Aide

Undoubtedly, there have been very many technological innovations in the arena of athletics and sports, ranging from real-time feedback on the performance to collection of voluminous data for post analysis. But then, there aren’t many to aid the swimming coaches in the pool. In swimming, like many other sports, coaches still largely depend on stopwatch, whistle, notepad and pencils, and if lucky enough, a few assistant coaches.

Which coach wouldn’t dream of shaving some time off from focusing on the stopwatch and instead concentrate on swimming techniques and stroke efficiency? All the coach has to do is have the swimmers wear this innovative device called TritonWear at the back of their head (attached to the goggle strap or tucked under the swim cap) and turn it on; and a tablet either running on iOS or Android to track and view the swimmer’s performance.

TritonWear’s design is very well thought out with various sensors necessary to collect, store and transmit performance metrics. The device includes a Micro USB port for charging, is water resistance up to a depth of 3 m (~10 ft.) and use Bluetooth technology to connect with iOS and Android devices.


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The device collects and transmits real time data for over 15 different performance metrics that determines the speed and stroke efficiency. Some of the key metrics are – stroke count, stroke rate, time underwater, turn time, etc. When these metrics are fed real time to the tablet, the coach does not have to keep looking at the stopwatch and calling out to the swimmers. There is more time to focus on other important aspects of coaching. The app on the tablet also provides a very efficient interface for the coach to monitor the performance of multiple swimmers at the same time.

The data collected while the swimmer is in the water can also be used for running analytics that can provide much more insight than what the coach or the swimmer can imagine. The data can reveal a wealth of information that can be used for planning future training and visualize various trends with the current training.

TritonWear does not replace but rather empowers the coach by providing actionable intelligence to help target specific performance improvements.

Coaches can now put technology and data to work! I would highly recommend TritonWear to the coaches.

– Meghna Sil


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