About SwimSafeHub

While swimming, recreational or professional, is fun, it does not have to be unsafe. The water related accidents (and deaths) are alarmingly high, particularly among children ages 14 and under. According to a study by Centre for Disease Control (CDC), drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional death among the children under the age of 14 and fifth leading cause among all ages in the United States. These accidents range from a kid drowning in a home bathtub to a triathlete getting a panic attack in the water.

The founder was astonished by the statistic and the negative impact these drowning accidents can have on the families. She felt the moral responsibility to do something about it – let swimming continue to be fun, and make it safer. In order to reduce the swimming related accidents, it is important to increase the general awareness among the population of different tools for education and gears available to make swimming safe. Hence, SwimSafeHub was born. This is just the beginning, a long way to go.

Mission: serve as a centralized platform for ‘all thing safe swimming’.


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